Marks Biog

Mark was born in East London. He was raised in tough and sometimes harsh surroundings, Mark often found solace and strength in music from the 60’s, 70's and 80’s with such artists as Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Emmylou Harris, John Lennon and UB40. Although being very young at the time these iconic artists and their music helped Mark to sow the seeds of everything that would follow.

Instead of his upbringing holding him back, it became the driver that would inspire him to reach out and create songs that tell of better times. Offering sincere hope and compassion. The same drive and purpose have led him to become a medal winning black belt in Jiu Jitsu and a published writer. Mark has been inspired through his own challenges to work in schools helping troubled kids. His integrity and passion can be felt through his music and unforgettable voice. All of his songs are beautifully crafted stories not only for our time but also for many future generations.

Mark's EP, 'Designer Chains', to be released soon is a muse to the soul and an empathic journey aimed at anyone and everyone who’s not just a fan of beautifully produced music but those always in search of that something special and timeless.

Designer Chains - EP Out Soon!